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Indonesian grocery online USA is a store that provides a variety of authentic Indonesian food needs in the USA. This store is based on an online platform that can make it easy for everyone to get the desired products.

The existing online system will make you easier to find desired products. Moreover, you can save more time by only finding a product. Certainly, it is also easier because it can be done from anywhere, such as from home, on campus, or from the office.
Indonesian grocery online USA
Even when you are at busy times, a lot of work needs to be done at home, then online shopping can be an option. Online shopping can also be a solution in times of moderate weather not in favor of going outdoors, for example in hot or rainy weather.

Indonesian grocery online USA

The existence of Indonesian grocery online USA for Indonesians is a piece of good news. When abroad, we can make sure that everyone will miss his country, especially food, as felt by Indonesians in the USA and other countries.

Now, to meet the needs for shopping for various Indonesian products and foods you do not need to bring them directly from Indonesia. Besides really consuming times, of course, you need to pay more for this. Today there are many Indonesian online grocery stores in the USA.

How can I buy groceries online in the USA?

Some groceries store, especially Indonesian Grocery Online USA can be a recommendation to get your daily needs. They sell various Indonesian daily needs and foods. Some Indonesia groceries online in the USA are

1. Indofoodstore

As an Indonesian Grocery Online, Indofoodstore provides very complete items. To make it easier for customers to find products, this store classifies items into several categories.
Indonesian grocery online USA
Indofoodstore is the largest retailer that provides more than 1000 types of products. More than 10 product categories are available in Indofoodstore online. This category will help you to find products you need more easily and quickly.

What products can you buy at Various daily necessities are available here, such as various spices, various types of chili, crackers, instant noodles, coffee, satay, and even seasonings satay and seasonings Gado-Gado are also available.

To facilitate browsing certain products, you can search by category available at this Indonesian Grocery Online USA, Indofoodstore. The existing categories are
  • Bandeng (Milkfish) Juwana & Semarang
  • Porridge, Pudding
  • Instant dessert, supper, soup
  • Monthly Specials
  • New Items
  • NY Siok
  • Sambal Chili Sauce
  • Spice Mixes (Bumbu)
  • Cooking Spices
  • Snacks
  • Soy Sauce ( Wipe )
  • Crackers Crackers
  • Misc. / Other
  • Indomie Noodles
  • Drinks (Coffee/Tea/Syrup)
  • Desserts & Candy
  • DeRuijter Chocolate
  • Palm Sugar ( Java Sugar)
  • Lime Orange
  • Coffee Luwak Coffee
  • Restaurants / Bulk
  • Satay / Satay
  • Indonesian Dishes
In each category, you can decide on an item search setting by setting the number of products to be raised on a page such as 30, 60.90, or even 200 per page.

When accessing the category menu, you can also search your products by sorting them based on several options namely price and rating from low to high (high to low), sorting the product by name (A-Z or Z-A), or you can select default.

Monthly Specials category offered by Indofoodstore as one of Indonesian Grocery Online USA helps you to find a selection of great IndoFoodStore items on sale at a discounted price. Every month, the items sold at a discounted price will be rotated. So, make sure you grab your products while they have a discount for you.

Just go to the New item category to get to know what are the new items provide at this online store categories.

On more information menu, you will have two choices those are Top Indonesian dishes that will bring you to those categories containing daily need items provided at this online store. The other one is TOP Place to visit in Indonesia. You will be brought to the list of the Top 20 places to visit in Indonesia. as Indonesian Grocery Online USA only does shipping in the USA. At this online store, you can send comments and or ask questions through the contact us form provided.

2. Sedap Rasa

Sedaprasa is an online store that you can visit at It is an Indonesian grocery online USA. This online store has the tagline Where Quality Matters.

You can find a variety of selected seasonings, various types of ready-to-eat crackers, various kinds of ready-to-fried crackers, and various seasonings in sachet packaging such as fastening, turmeric, ginger, bay leaf, cumin, etc.
Indonesian grocery online USA
To make their customers easier to choose the product they want to buy, this online store presents a selection menu based on product category groups.

The various product item categories are grouped into several categories:

New product

New product a menu that lists new products owned by the store, for example when I access them, there is a new product of Kapri Bali (Garlic Roasted Peanut), Aceh melinjo emping (Gnetum Gnenom Crackers), etc.


Seasonal is a category that contains various products that only exist at certain times. Here is the information and product prices in Indonesian Grocery Online USA, SedapRasa.



Keripik Pisang Kepok Aneka

$ 8.00

Keripik Kentang Sibloga

$ 5.00

Dodol stik – A1 Asli

$ 6.00

Teri sambal kacang sibolga

$ 9.00

Emping Balado Sibolga

$ 6.00

Dodol Garut (Picnin Durian)

$ 6.00

Manisan Sirsak

$ 6.00


Cracker is a category containing a list of crackers and chips that can be a snack when relaxed or when with friends and family in the USA. A wide range of crackers sold here are Rengginang Sweet Potato ( $4.25), Kruju Gado-Gado Color ( $4.99), and Fish Crackers Ny.Tjiok ($6.50), Emping Balado sibloga ( $ 6.00), Sibolga Potato Chips ( $ 5.00), and many more types of crackers are available.


Noodles are a category containing noodle products such as Sedap Noodles, Kwetiau Noodles, Super Bihun, and Indomie. So there is no need to worry about it because your favorite instant noodles are also available here.


Seasoning is a category that takes various types of kitchen herbs to accompany you in cooking delicious dishes with authentic Indonesian flavors. Soto seasoning, rendang seasoning, Java Fried Rice Seasoning, Fried Onion ( Fried Red Onion), Lodeh Vegetable Seasoning, Soy sauce, and Sambal. All are available in this category. You just need to choose what products you want.


Dessert is a category that displays various snacks and other desserts, such as Beng-Beng, Atomic Beans, Pandan Dawet Powder, Jelly powder, Kara coconut Cream Powder, various types of beans, and others.

Kitchen and Home

Kitchen and Home is a category containing a list of household products including some herbal and health products as in the following product price list table:



Bee Brand Medicated Oil – Minyak tawon

$ 12.99

Syntetic Vinyl Gloves

$ 9.99

Minyak Kutus - Kutus

$ 31.99

Minyak Kayu Putih Cap Elang – Cajuput Oil

$ 6.00

Dispossable Face Mask

$ 18.99

KN 95 Protective Mas – 1 Pcs

$ 3.00

Face Shield

$ 4.99

Minyak Telon Cap Lang -Pure Essential Oil)

$ 31.99

Minyak Kayu Putih Cap Gajah – Cajuput Oil

$ 7.99

All Product

All Product is a category that displays all products from the categories that are owned. You can choose by doing a filter either by price, date, or the name of the product available on the filter menu on the right.

For those of you who are currently in the USA and need Indonesian products, you can visit one of Indonesia Grocery Online USA, to meet your daily needs easily.

3. Aneka Market

Aneka Market is one of the Indonesian grocery online USA. You can also visit its physical store at 159 Rochester Hill Rd. Rochester, NH 03867. This online store, give you an alternative and simple way to buy your daily need.

Aneka Market provides products categorized into several groups of category, these are:
Indonesian grocery online USA

New Item

You can find some of the new items provided in this online store by accessing this menu category and doing an order by adding it to the order chart provided.

On sale

In this category, you will get a special offer. For example, in this category, you will get some products such as buy 1 get  1 free, buy 2 for only $10.


This Indonesian grocery online USA helps you to fulfill your need for flavor for your baking. You can access this menu and you will find some of your baking needs such as paste, tapioca pearl, SP Emulsifier, Kakwe flour, nutrijell, agarasa, and some items of pondan products.


Do you need a variety of drinks that are in great demand in Indonesia? You can check directly on the categories available at, one of the Indonesian grocery online USA. Various drinks are available here such as syrup, tea, Boba Thai, coffee, and others.


In this category, you can find items such as soy sauce salty, sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, garlic powder, and Asian best red chili. You must know those Indonesian people mostly like making fresh sambal with this chili.


This category will give you the experience of enjoying various canned fruits in syrup. You can find mango sweets with sweet, salty, and spicy flavors. For durian lovers, you must be happy because this online store also provides durian frozen.

Health Product

Health products for most Indonesians are a needs that must be available at home so they can be easily obtained when needed. This health product category includes herocyn powder, Bee brand medicated oil, Minyak angin cap kapak, eucalyptus oil (Minyak kayu putih), GPU, Tolak Angin, and others.

Aneka Market, as Indonesian Grocery Online USA, still has many other categories such as ingredients, instant meals, instant seasoning, meat products, miscellaneous, rice and noodles, savory snacks, and sweet snacks.

Many categories provided prove to everyone, that this online store provides many products to help them fulfill the needs of Indonesian foods for Indonesian in the USA.

How about prices? All prices for daily needs belong to the standard price category. Here are a few lists of goods and prices sold in Aneka Market.

To make the customers easier to access this store, this online store provides a registration form for the customers. Those who want to ask directly or track their order can also access Chat with us pop-ups.

Do you want to get a newsletter containing new product information, and product promotions? You just need to sign up with your email, so new information will always be sent to your email.

In addition, Aneka Market as Indonesian Grocery Online USA also provides information about shipping policy and refund policy. In refund policy, there are two kinds of refund forformsm. First is in the form of exchanging goods. The second is returning funds according to the terms and conditions that apply in Aneka Market.

4. Indo Merchant

Another Indonesian Food and Grocery Store in the USA is Indo Merchant. As Indonesian Grocery Online USA, Indo Merchant comes to your home for giving you easiness in getting Indonesian foods and other daily needs.

Indo Merchant provides you some products to answer your need for Indonesian food. Baking, Beverages, Dish Ingredients, Gourmet Street Foods, Instant Noodles, Snacks, Seasoning, and Dressing are here.
Indonesian grocery online USA
It is easier for you to get your daily need here. Just visit its online store, find some products based on the category provides, check your goods out, and you just need to wait in your home with your family.

In this written information, I am also giving you some information related to the products provides in each category.


Do you like baking? This Indonesian Grocery Online USA serves you some ingredients for your baking activities, such as Pondan martabak mix, Javanese sugar, margarine blue band, jam, and ceres.


Some Indonesian beverages that will accompany you in doing your daily activities are provided such as mongoose white coffee, Sosro jasmine tea bottles, Original tea stingrays, Tea boxes jasmine tea, Marjan syrup, and Ultra Milk UHT.

Dish Ingredients

You can also find Kobe Complete dough, Fried shredded coconut, bay leaf (Indonesian bay leaves), Rice Cake (Miss Tetupat), Rotary Candlenut (Candle Nuts), and Cat mustache leaves. Those groceries are available in the Dish Ingredients category.

For you who like gourmet street food, this Indonesian Grocery Online USA also gives you some alternatives, such as lemper, risoles, and tempeh.

You do not have to worry about what you need when you are deciding to buy some goods here. Indonesian Grocery and Food Store, Indo Merchant provides its online store with the Customer Support menu.

You can contact this store by asking some questions, leaving comments, or any others related to your activities related to this store.

For your shipping information, this store has shipping policies. There are two shipping policies namely shipping policy for regular products and gourmet street food. Do you want to visit this online store? You can visit this online Indonesian grocery store at

5. is one of the Indonesian Grocery Online USA you can visit for getting your favorite Indonesian products. is owned and operated by Food Depot Corporation. Food Depot Corporation aims to provide quality ethnic food products with timely delivery and convenience of online ordering.

You can find various food products easily based on the region category including ethnicity, countries, and regions, including Indonesian foods.
Indonesian grocery online USA
These EFoodDepot provides various Indonesian food and snacks. It is appropriate to call it the largest retailer in the USA because it does provide a wide range of products from Indonesia and other countries. Some examples of products and their prices are shown in the following table.



1001 Nasi liwet Rasa Jambal - 8.8oz


3 in 1 Strong & Rich Coffee (Coffee Sugar Creamer) - 0.7oz


Adonan Perkedel Lengkap Dengan Bumbu dan Sayur - 1.76oz


Ayam Kalasan (Chicken Kalasan Seasoning) - 4.6oz


Bango Bumbu Tempe dan Tahu Bacem (Soy Bean and Tofu Seasoning) - 2.1oz


Bawang Goreng (Fried Onion) - 3.5oz


Biji Kemiri (Candle Nut) - 16oz


Chicken Flavour - 1.54oz


Dark Glutinous Rice Pandan Layer Steam Brownie - 10.58oz


Indonesian Style Tempeh (Organic Gluten Free) - 8oz


This online store has many items for sale. More than 8000 items are available in this store to answer consumer needs. To make the customer easier, this store breaks the category into several category menus.

The aim is to make it easy to be accessed by the consumers when finding their daily needs. For example, when you want to choose beverages from Indonesia, you just choose the type of category and a product catalog will appear.

Among the available categories include sweets and snacks, beverages, instant noodles, tea, kitchen and dining (utensils), sauces and seasoning, noodles, canned and jarred foods, instant packages, dry foods, rice, gifts, appliances, wine and spirit accessories, dairy products, chocolate, preserved foods, instant beverages, pasta, egg, frozen /chilled, and sushi accessories.

Even though this store also provided non-halal products, you do not need to worry because this store really pays attention to the conditions by separating between halal and non-halal products.

Besides providing policy information related to shipping, and frequently asked questions, this store also provides a recipe menu for cuisine. One example of the recipe that I got at this online store is Bean Salad.

How to cook 4 Bean Salad recipe
  • 1 (15oz.) can green beans, drained
  • 1 (15oz.) can kidney beans, drained
  • 1 (15oz.) can wax beans, drained
  • 1 (15oz.) can garbanzo beans, drained
  • 1 white onion, diced
  • tsp. The Spice Hunter Whole India Celery Seeds
  • tsp. The Spice Hunter Coarse Black Pepper
  • tsp. salt
  • ѕ cup sugar
  • 2/3 white vinegar cup
  • 1/3 vegetable oil cup
Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Cover and refrigerate overnight or about 12 hours.

How to find this Indonesian grocery online USA? You can visit it at Visit it, and find all you need there.

What are items provided in Indonesian Grocery Online USA?

Indonesian grocery online USA provides you some items to fulfill your daily need whether for baking, beverages, or for cooking your favorite foods.

Indonesian Food

You can find and hunt your Indonesian favorite food by visiting Indonesian Grocery Online USA. All of your favorite foods are there. There are rhombus, liwet rice, gudeg, etc.

Indonesian Snacks

Indonesia is one of the countries that have so many kinds of snacks you can enjoy with your family or friends. Some snacks you can find and eat while you are abroad are chips, crackers, snacks, and desserts.


Some beverages you can find in Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles are Tea and coffee do not need to worry, this grocery also cells various beverages, tea, and coffee mixes, etc.


There are so many online grocery stores in the USA that you can find to fulfill your daily needs in Indonesian products that will be able to make your life easier.

Each store provides Indonesian products that do originate from Indonesia such as instant noodles, beverages, snacks, and other products.

Do you want to try cooking various Indonesian dishes but do not know what seasonings should be prepared? You can buy it directly at Indonesian Grocery Online USA.

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