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Indonesian grocery Los Angeles is a piece of good news for the Indonesian people who live there. Whether they stay for work, education, or other purposes. 

Longing for a hometown during the pandemic can only be treated with video calls. Seeing the faces of loved ones and listening to their voices from a distance.

Can video calls cure homesickness? Missing the atmosphere of fasting with family. People miss breaking fast, having sahur together, cooking special food, and many other longings.

When you are abroad, both for education and business, you will definitely wonder if there is an Indonesian grocery in Los Angeles? Especially when your stomach can't be compromised with food other than Indonesian specialties.
indonesian grocery in los angeles

Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles

Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles comes for those of you who are abroad, especially in Los Angeles, you can now release your longing and express your longing for your hometown. You do not need to be worried about looking for foods or Indonesian culinary specialties.

What are Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, there are already several outlets selling your basic needs and favorite foods. Various special menus can be enjoyed.

Tip Top Mart

The name is simple but makes this store one of the Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles that is visited by many visitors. Almost every day this store is friendly to buyers.

store sells various household appliances such as screwdrivers, spanners, sockets, cables, or small hardware household items.

But don't worry, this 
store not only provides those goods but also provides basic household needs. You can also find items in Indonesian stores here, such as nutrijel, agar-agar, soy sauce, sauces, canned milk, cheese, and various snacks.
indonesian grocery Los Angeles
On weekends this shop sells a variety of delicious Indonesian specialties. This is what makes this store on weekends more crowded with visitors because of the many choices of food available and sold in this store.

You can enjoy Nasi Bungkus (combination rice dish wrapped in Banana leaf, Otak Otak (fish cake wrapped in banana leaf), Martabak (egg with filling), Risole (crepe with ragout filling), and Kroket (potato with filling).

You can also hunt for various regional snacks in Indonesia and enjoy them with family or friends, such as rissoles, dumplings, martabak, yellow rice, and others.

Not only Javanese food here, but other Indonesian specialties such as empek-empek Palembang are also available. Do you want lontong Medan or rujak? You can get it at the Tip Top Mart store.

Already miss the distinctive taste of prawn crackers? You can come and buy it here. Apart from prawn crackers, there are also fish crackers and melinjo here.

Although the place is not too large, thanks to the neat arrangement and maintained cleanliness, many visitors appreciate the tidiness and cleanliness of the location.

One more thing, when you need batik that is usually used for formal events, you can also come to Tip Top, an Indonesian and Asian Grocery in Los Angeles. Not bad, you can give batik gifts typical of the Indonesian region as gifts for your friends or co-workers. So there is no need to order online from Indonesia and then send it to Los Angeles. Besides, the cost will be more expensive, of course, it also takes longer.

To visit Tip Top Mart, one of the Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles, you can come to 704 W Las Tunas Dr. Ste E6 San Gabriel, CA 91776. This shop is open every day from 10.00 am to 08.00 pm

Simpang Asia

Simpang Asia is one of the Indonesian grocery stores in Los Angeles that can be a cure for homesickness. Making it easy for you to get products for your family's daily needs in Los Angeles.

You instant noodle lovers who miss instant noodles from Indonesia can buy them here. Besides instant noodles, there are also chili sauce and chips.

indonesian grocery Los Angeles

In addition, Simpang Asia is also an Indonesian restaurant that serves Indonesian and halal menus. You can enjoy the food directly here or you can take it home (take home).

You need to know that the history of the presence of this Asian intersection is inspired by street food that is often found in Indonesia.

Longing for your favorite menu while in Indonesia will be cured. Poor meatballs, spring rolls, croquettes, fried rice, fried noodles, rames rice. until the rice wrap is here. For drinks, you can enjoy bottled tea and even cendol which is so distinctive.

This place is open daily from 11 am to 10 pm. At Simpang Asia, you can also make reservations online through

Are you interested in visiting this place? You can come to Simpang Asia at PALMS, 10433 National bl #2, Los Angeles, CA, 310 815 9075 to enjoy delicious food and shop at this Indonesian grocery.

Medan Kitchen

Medan Kitchen is an Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles located at 8518 Valley Boulevard Unit 102, Rosemead, CA 91770, USA.

This shop sells a variety of daily needs that make it easier for you to get the Indonesian products you need.

indonesian grocery Los Angeles

Various kinds of snacks are neatly arranged on the product display shelves in this store. Indonesian snacks such as chips, crackers, snacks, and pastries (nastar) are also available in this shop.

Other products that you can find and buy here such as syrup, margarine, various instant coffee sachets, instant noodles, wheat flour, and other kitchen necessities are here.

You can also enjoy a variety of Indonesian culinary offerings at this shop. There is yellow rice, uduk rice, and dumplings. Nasi Padang with side dishes and vegetables that are different from other dishes is also available here. The price is around $14.

Klepon, mixed meatballs, lupis, and various pastries that usually appear in Indonesia during Eid can also be found as friends to overcome homesickness when you miss your hometown.

In Indonesia, we might call it a souvenir center that provides a variety of foods that you can take with you as a gift for family, relatives, or neighbors.

You can visit Medan Kitchen, one of the Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles to get your daily needs for Indonesian products that are always in your heart wherever you go. This store sells a variety of snacks, food, spices, and others originating from Indonesia.

On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, the shop is closed and open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. For hours, you can visit from 10:30 am to 04:00 pm.

How about the price of goods in this store? You don't have to worry about it, everything is at affordable prices. To make it easier for visitors, this place also accepts credit card payments.

Noodle Stars

As the name suggests, Noodle Stars Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles is one of the Indonesian grocery stores in Los Angeles that serves noodles as one of the mainstay menus.

Various variants of noodles can be ordered here. Here are various types of processed noodles that you can order and enjoy.



Chicken mushroom noodle


Hainan Chicken Noodle


Ground Chicken Noodle


Spicy Chicken Noodle


Sea Food Noodle


Vegetarian Noodle


In addition to the noodle menu above, another noodle menu is fried noodles. You can try various types of fried noodles. There are fried noodles with stir-Fried Noodles with eggs, chicken, beef meatballs & vegetables. Mie Tak Tek or Mi Goreng Jakarta with stir-fried Noodles with eggs, chicken, beef meatballs, tomatoes & vegetables with special sauce are also available.
indonesia food
There are still many various noodle creations available, such as vegetarian fried noodles, Fried flat rice noodles (Stir-fried flat rice noodles with eggs, beef & vegetables), Fried rice vermicelli (Stir-fried rice vermicelli with eggs, chicken, beef meatballs & vegetables), and much more.

To enjoy fried noodles at Noodle Stars, you only need to spend around $11. Of course, it is very reasonable when compared to the processed menus in this particular cuisine.

Besides noodles and fried noodles, another menu provides is Noodle Soup and Sides. The various soups available at this outlet are



Wonton Soup 


Beef Meatball Soup 


Special Noodle Soup 


Beef Noodle Soup (Sotomie Jakarta) 


Special Beef Tripe Noodle Soup (Sotomie Babat) 


Beef rips soup (Soup Iga Sapi) 


Special Stuffed Tofu Soup (Soup Tahu Campur)


It is the list of some menus and prices for soups sold at Noodle Star, Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles.

Although the special menu is noodles, in fact, this shop also has other culinary menus besides soup, namely satay, porridge, dumplings, and ketoprak. The price range is not far from other menus, which is around $10.

Various appetizer menus (sides) are available here, namely spring rolls, pastels, and stuffed tofu.

For toppings, this store provides meatballs, rice cake (rice cake), wonton soup, small fried wontons, and steamed rice.

There are so many culinary offered by Noodle Star. From the menu above, this outlet also has a special menu for visitors or for culinary lovers.

The special menu is mutton fried rice which is priced at $12, goat satay is priced at $13 per portion, and Gado-Gado is priced at $11.50.

Various drinks are also available here such as tape smoothies, and bean nut soy latte. Boxed tea (Teh Kotak), soda, and various other fruit juices are available.

If you are interested in visiting this place, you can order a menu for many people. This menu is called the Party Tray. It can be served for 10 people, and some are for 20-25 people.

Noodle Stars as Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles usually sells daily needs. Here is a list of groceries that can be information for you.



Bawang Goreng (fried shallots) 


Kacang bawang $5.50


Kacang mete garlic








Honey 6oz jar


Honey bear 12 oz


Honeycomb wildflowers 8oz


You who like Tea and coffee do not need to worry, this grocery also sells various beverages, tea, and coffee mixes, boxed teas (Teh Kotak), etc. 
You can also get various needs for baking cakes here.

You can get some herbs here such as telon oil, Adem sari, eucalyptus oil, Tolak Angin, Minyak Kayu Putih, and other herbs.

This store sells so many items that you do not need to be worried when you need your various daily needs, including chili sauce.

This outlet is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. While on Mondays and Tuesdays this outlet is closed.

To find out more, you can check directly on or directly visit one of these Indonesian Grocery 
Los Angeles which is located at 344 W. Huntington Drive MONROVIA, California 91016, (626) 408-5102. For more information, you can also send an email to

ABC Indomart

Another Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles is located at the intersection of Chapman & State College, Fullerton, CA (Close to Cal State Fullerton). This store serves Dutch, Indonesian, and Asian groceries.

This store is here for those of you who want to buy groceries for household needs. It also provides a variety of Indonesian food.

This store is open from Thursday to Tuesday from 10 am to 08 pm, and on Wednesday this shop chooses to close the store.
indonesian grocery Los Angeles
Especially for you Indonesian food or snacks lovers can visit the ABC Indomart outlet on Saturday. It would be better if you come early so you can choose your favorite food and snacks.

Like minimarkets in Indonesia, various snacks, kitchen necessities such as condiments, instantly fried rice seasonings, instant spices, and various choices of instant noodles can be found easily. All your kitchen needs are here and neatly arranged on the product display shelves.

For culinary, this outlet provides several menus of Indonesian food and snacks that can treat your longing for Indonesian cuisine. There are pastels, lontong sayur (rice cake with some vegetables), sticky rice (Ketan) serundeng, and rissoles.

There is also a rice wrap with banana leaves containing rice, lodeh vegetables, meat, and eggs, which will make you tempted to finish it immediately. Moreover, it is also provided with crackers. Food companion for all Indonesians. Without crackers, eating is less fun.

Are you a chicken satay lover? No need to worry, Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles, ABC Indomart also provides chicken satay complete with pieces of rice cake.

Although relatively new compared to other Indonesian grocery stores in Los Angeles, this store is visited by many people because of its good services.

Interested in trying to shop here? You can come directly to 345 N State College Blvd Fullerton, CA 92831.

Indoranch Grocery Store

Are you looking for and need Indonesian Grocery Products? Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles, Indoranch Grocery Store can be the answer for you. Authentic Indonesian products are available here.

Various types of product categories are available here, including baking and mixing, beverages, desserts and sweets, sauces and seasoning, noodles, snacks, and miscellaneous.
indonesian grocery Los Angeles online
Indoranch grocery store is one of the grocery stores in Los Angeles which provides a fairly complete range of products. Various instant seasonings are available, such as various variants of instant spice bamboo, satay seasoning, and Gado-Gado seasoning.

Cake material needs for those who like to make cakes can also be obtained easily. Favorite cake ingredients such as pondan cake, agar-agar, paste, emulsifier, and brown sugar are available for you.

Those who like to consume snacks can get a variety of raw materials in this shop. Melinjo emping chips, fish crackers, onion crackers, raw aci crackers, wafers, and biscuits are available.

You can also make special orders through the online grocery store by accessing

For those who are in Los Angeles, you can directly go to 22722 Lambert St, Lake Forest, CA 92630. You can also call (949) 295 - 1703 or send an email to

What are items provided in Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles?

Indonesian grocery Los Angeles provides you some items to fulfill your daily need whether for baking, beverages or for cooking your favorite foods.

Indonesian Food

You can find and hunt your Indonesian favorite foods by visiting those Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles. All of your favorite foods are there. There are satay, pecel, nasi padang, yellow rice, nasi uduk, etc.

Indonesian Snack

Indonesia is one of the countries which has so many kinds of snacks you can enjoy with your family or friends. Some snacks you can find and eat whiles you are abroad are chips, crackers, snacks, and pastries (nastar).


Some beverages you can find in Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles are Tea and coffee do not need to worry, this grocery also sells various beverages, tea, and coffee mixes, boxed teas (Teh Kotak), etc.


Those are the recommendations for 6 Indonesian grocery stores in Los Angeles that you can visit to get a variety of food needs for your daily life. 

Some of them not only provide grocery needs but also provide a variety of Indonesian foods and snacks.

Enjoy the convenience of getting your favorite Indonesian food and snack products at those Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles.

What are Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles?

  • Tip Top Mart
  • Simpang Asia
  • Medan Kitchen
  • Noodle Stars
  • ABC Indomart
  • Indoranch Grocery Store

What are items provided in Indonesian Grocery Los Angeles?

  • Indonesian Foods
  • Indonesian Snack
  • Beverages

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